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Coloured Ice Cube Outdoor Play

Outdoor Fun

Coloured Ice Cube Outdoor Play

Here’s an activity that’s really easy to pull together, and perfect for little ones to explore when the weather is warm.

You'll Need

Ice cube trays

Non-toxic food colouring or watercolour paints

A large bowl

Ladles, spoons, funnels, tongs and strainers


Rustle up as many ice cube trays as you can find, fill them all with water, and add several drops of non-toxic food colouring or liquid watercolour paint to each individual compartment.  

Regular ice cube trays are fine, but you can find some really cute ice moulds online. Muffin tins and plastic food containers create larger blocks of coloured ice.

Once all of your ice is frozen, take it all outside and set up your Ice Soup Station.

Provide a couple of large bowls or containers filled with very cold water, and dump all of your ice cubes into them.

Smaller cups, ladles, ice tongs, scoops, strainers and funnels are great tools for your little ones to use while exploring their “soup”.  

Treehouse tip: Kids will love scooping and pouring and watching the colours mix as the ice cubes melt, and all of those tools and instruments will provide a great fine motor workout.


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