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Footprint Butterfly


Footprint Butterfly


Wave goodbye to the last of the butterflies in September with this easy craft. Using canvas is a wonderful way to make children’s artwork easy to display in your home, and your kids will feel like real artists doing art on a material other than paper.

What You'll Need

8" X 10" canvas stretched on wood (available at the dollar store or your local craft store)
Acrylic paints in your favourite colours
Paint brushes
Paper plate or a plate that you don’t mind getting covered in paint
Markers (optional)


1. Have your child pick her three favorite colours. Put a loonie-sized squirt of paint in each colour on the plate so that the colours are almost touching. 

2. Sit your child on a chair and dip their foot in the paint. Smoosh it around really good so that the paint covers the entire bottom of their foot.

3. Press their foot on the canvas. The left foot should go on the right side of the canvas and the right foot on the left hand side to make butterfly wings.

4. Repeat with the opposite foot.

5. Wash the paint of your child’s feet and let the canvas dry until it’s no longer wet to the touch.

6. Have your child draw flowers, sky or a garden around their butterfly using paint and/or markers.

7. Allow to dry then hang. 


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