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About Sunny Day

Sunny is the best hairstylist in town, a charismatic, creative problem-solver and THE go-to friend who will always do whatever she can to help others. When adventure calls, Sunny sets out to save the day in her gadget-fi lled Glam Van with her best friends, Blair and Rox, her adorable pooch Doodle, and her hair-oic skills. She’ll swing through trees on hair ribbons, open locks with bobby pins, or make a daring escape using nothing but a can of hairspray and a curling iron. She’ll outwit her jealous rival Lacey or the town dog catcher Scratch with the help of her blow dryer, signature handheld mirror, scissors or brush. And along the way, she’ll help her friends (and preschoolers) be the best they can be.

Armed with her gear, her friends, and her can-do attitude, Sunny is ready to transform the world and save the day, one hairdo at a time.